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Meet Iryana

Arthur and Iryana have been business partners and best friends for over a decade, taking on challenge after challenge and building multiple businesses together.

Let’s Get Personal - Meet Iryana!


Serial entrepreneur driven by unstoppable ambition and fueled by boundless curiosity, Iryana started her life in The United States as a 19-year-old immigrant from Ukraine. From a self-taught graphic designer opening her own graphic design studio to a paralegal and law school student, to an entrepreneur with multiple business projects to follow – Iryana sure had an interesting and eventful path that taught her how to start from scratch, dare to challenge the impossible, stand up for herself (being 5’2” it’s not that easy!), fearlessly change directions to follow her passion and climb new mountains.

In her own words:

I once believed that being in “sales” was something very undesirable. I guess at some point we all have stereotypes that limit perception to a single point of reference. Luckily, life has thrown plenty of challenges my way to teach me that everything in this life is about sales, because in order to master “sales,” you must master not only listening, but HEARING; not only pushing your agenda or product but reflecting and understanding what the consumer wants; not only throwing demands and haggling but NEGOTIATING mutually favorable terms, while managing egos and expectations – and those skills give you the key to not only a successful business in any field but successful relationships as well.

My pursuit of an additional direction in my career in real estate in South Florida came from a sense of frustration in personally dealing with realtors in Miami after moving here from California in 2012. I just couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t get a callback for a week, or I would be stood up by a realtor at a showing! I knew that there was a real need for great service and this always presents an excellent business opportunity, so I just had to take it! Besides, I already had all the skills – from law school days and working as a paralegal and learning to negotiate legal settlements from the best lawyers in the Bay Area, to working with high net worth individuals and C-Level executives from across the world in the luxury travel business and in my executive coaching and business consulting practice - I knew I had what it takes to make luxury real estate transactions smooth and pleasant for my clients and it became a personal challenge. Did I change the real estate industry in South Florida? No, it is just as frustrating  and I get to deal with even more unprofessional realtors with a lack of basic knowledge about real estate, sales, and service (although I do meet plenty of exceptional professionals, and always acknowledge just how pleasant it is to deal with them!), but now I call this experience a “patience treadmill” that lets me put my EQ and ego management skills to the test 

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    Arthur Rubinovich / Iryna (Iryana) Tsyrina
    Lokation Realty


    305-699-2450 Arthur: 305-409-6529 / Iryana: 305-509-0259


    1900 N Bayshore Dr - Suite 120
    Miami, FL 33132

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